The World’s No1 Michael Jackson Show with Navi

Canvas, Bournemouth

 Sunday 17th December

7:30pm til 1:00am

Minimum Age: 18

About the event

The official Elite Living Christmas party 2017 with NAVI, King Of Pop!

Many tributes around the world make this claim but none have ever come close to reaching the standard that Navi has set. He has been performing as an MJ impersonator for the past 24 years and still continues to captivate audiences.

Over a period of many years (1992 – 2009) Navi was hand-picked by Michael or his company to work in several different ways. These included coming out of hotels as a decoy, promotion of his forthcoming tours, launches of his albums and use of Navi as a body double for his planned ‘This Is It’ concerts (London O2). Navi was always Michael’s choice.

Navi was invited to perform as the opening act for Michael’s birthday parties in New York (USA) 2002 and then the following year in Los Angeles (USA) 2003. These were very nervous times for Navi as to meet MJ was one thing, but to perform in front of the greatest entertainer of all time, and to perform his song that set the standard in music history was no easy feat.

Michael did not only applaud Navi but went on to to give him a standing ovation and thumbs up as he was clearly delighted at Navi’s renditions of his songs.

With a following of 400,000+ on Facebook, no other impersonator can compete. Even on Navi’s YouTube channel, one of his videos has had more than 3,000,000 (3 million) views! Navi has become such a force that recently his name had to be ‘trademarked’ as many have attempted to pass themselves off as ‘Navi’.

Don’t miss this very rare chance to see Navi’s show in one of Bournemouth’s premier nightspots! The show starts at 9.30pm (doors open 7.30pm) with an after party hosted by Jay Rachet that all show attendees are invited to!

We have introduced VIP booth options, as well as meet & greet tickets that are very low in supply. We look forward to seeing you at what will be a fantastic Christmas party for you and you guests, celebrating the music from one of the icons of pop, past and present.

Here’s a video of NAVI performing for Michael Jackson himself in Los Angeles!

Here’s a video of NAVI on his last visit to Bournemouth in 2016!